Ten reasons to buy micromax mobile phones

Indian mobile phone consumers are a cautious lot! They rarely rush to the shops, to buy a mobile handset the minute it is launched, before doing their research. They gather information about the handset, the price, its pros and cons before deciding whether the mobile phone would suit their requirement.


There are numerous mobile manufacturers trying to lure the customers with exquisite mobile handsets with astounding technology. Micromax certainly leads the pack. It has risen to the top spot of mobile phone manufacturing and sales in record time. Its stupendous success can be attributed mainly to its ability to understand the psyche of the consumers, aggressive pricing and intense marketing techniques. But there are still a few who might argue that Micromax mobile phones are just glorified cheap Chinese products. For such skeptic minds, we provide 10 reasons why you should consider buying Micromax mobile phones.

  • Stylish design, great look and feel

Micromax mobile phones always boast of attractive packaging. They are all designed to look trendy and sleek. Most of them have faux aluminum coating that gives them a rich finish. They are slim and light weight. They are also easier to carry around.

  • Large Display

Display is a feature that is of utmost importance when it comes to smartphones and tablets rather than conventional mobile phone models. Most of the android smartphones from micromax feature 5 inch (or more) sized capacitive touch screen display .They have great screen resolution and provide sharper graphics and text.

  • Budget Price

The price tag is perhaps the single most important reason that makes Micromax mobile phone so popular. Micromax products are always lower priced than the handsets by any top mobile brand offering identical features. With the affordable price, Micromax has also worked hard to maintain high standards of quality in all their mobile phones

  • Long battery back up

Micromax took the world by storm by introducing the first ever mobile phone with a 30 day stand by battery life.  The long stand by time remains a key feature for all the micromax mobile phones. . They will easily run for hours with internet surfing, playing games and even attending phone calls.

  • Amazing multimedia experience

Micromax mobile phone support supports most audio and video formats. Most of the micromax smarthpones give you high quality HD viewing without apparent lag. Gaming is also pure bliss in these devices.

  • Dual SIM support

In present times, a vast majority of mobile users prefer using more than one connection for personal and professional use. Since carrying around multiple handsets is cumbersome, users are increasingly opting for Dual SIM feature. Most micromax mobile phones come with dual SIM support. Some offer GSM +GSM feature while few provide GSM + CDMA support.

  • Fast Processor

Micromax mobile phones come with faster processors. Most of the handsets carry dual core processors while some latest smartphones even have quad core lightning fast processors. Because of this feature multitasking is more efficient while switching from one app to another is seamless and smooth.

  • Latest technology

Micromax smartphones always run on the latest and best OS. They also come loaded with all the latest features. 

  • Loaded with Apps

Besides the splendid selection of the Google Play Store apps where the user can find practically any app they need, Micromax has supplemented the device with a few of its own applications as a treat to its customers. Also, users can also download apps from the Micromax App Store which is a rich storehouse of wonderful apps

  • Numerous Connectivity options

Micromax mobilephone provides you with a wide range of connectivity options including 3G, 2G, Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, GPRS etc. Its tablets give excellent connectivity for calling and internet usage.

To summarize, if you like to enjoy the pleasures of a high end device at a budget price then micromax mobile phone is a bargain that most would not like to miss. Do you concur with these advantages of owning a micromax mobile?  Share your views in the space provided.